Exmoor Rivers


This section lists the rivers that rise in the Exmoor area of Somerset.

Descriptions, photographs and maps of individual rivers within this area can be found by from menu on the right or from the top navigation menu

South Barton Wood
South Barton Wood [View album]

Length of main rivers from source to sea:

Flowing to ­the English Channel - Exe 86 km (54 miles), Barle, via Exe: 86 km (54 miles)

Flowing to the Atlantic - Bray, via Taw 62 km (39 miles), Mole, via Taw 62km (39 miles)

Flowing to the Bristol Channel - East Lyn/Oare Water/Weir Water 16 km (10 miles), Washford River 14 km (9 miles), Avill 13 km (8 miles), Homer Water/Chetsford Water: 13 km (8 miles), Aller Brook 8 km (5 miles), Heddon 8 km (5 miles), West Lyn 8 km (5 miles) ­