Swans on the River Brue

Northover Bridge B

Bridge Name:   Northover Bridge B
No.:   3
Location:   This is located on the main A39 at Northover.
Build Date:   1926
Engineer:   Edward Stead, County Surveyor
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Reinforced concrete arch bridge built in 1926 and designed by Edward Stead, County Surveyor. Copings, stringcourses and quoins are of ashlar masonry with the remainder of the masonry rock faced. The end of the concrete deck is exposed in elevation. The bridge is 15 feet in span. Single arch of with a reddish stone archivolt and stone spandrels and a stone parapet built on ashlar blocks of reddish stone. The previous structure on this site was called Bumbailey Bridge.
References:   Somerset HER Ref:14404

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