Swans on the River Brue

Exe Bridge

Bridge Name:   Exe Bridge
No.:   16
Location:   Winsford SS 90702 34904
Build Date:   circa 1952

But then of course they had the Lynmouth flood, which sort of changed everything. Because Brookwood used to get regularly flooded, because, going over Howetown Lane, Exebridge, it's called, there's a big bridge there, on the way to the recreation field. And it was a stone arch bridge with 3 pillars. So immediately they had the high water that all got blocked up with rubbish and sticks and what have you, and used to cause flooding in the village. Well anyway, in the Lynmouth that was all washed away, and a single span bridge has been built since, and to his knowledge there has only been water out in the village twice since the Lynmouth flood. And on the first occasion it just crept into Brookwood, but nothing very much.

References:   http://www1.somerset.gov.uk/archives/exmoor/barwicksummary2.htm

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